sound effects for “Annie”

I did the sound effects and sound reinforcement for “Annie” for the Amherst PTA play in 2004.

I was also responsible for one of the props: the APPLAUSE sign that the Soundman holds up to cue the audience. Before the curtain goes up the director taught the theater audience how to be the audience for the radio show. I have included the lines that we used, though the director did a lot of ad-libbing.

At the time of this show I was using a Roland VS-1680 to play sounds during the performance. The notes refer to cue buttons on the 1680. Some of the voices are friends, including a local newscaster, who agreed to participate. I don't remember where I found the radio shows, but one of them matches the script word-for-word.

The directory below contains the sounds I used, which you can download for your production. Notes are in file “Sound effects for Annie.pdf”, which also contains microphone swapping suggestions. I have also included the sound files I used as inputs when combining sounds, so you can combine them yourself. For example, you might want to use locally familiar voices for the Jello commercial and the newscast.